24 hours  in Athens

24 hours in Athens

12/11/2009 2:15:37 PM

This weekend was held one of the heaviest offroad competitions – “24 hours in Athens” – 1000 km.
There were 24 hours racing for competitors in extremely hard route and difficult navigation.
112 crews signed up, but after technical check 97 jeeps started from Greece, Russia, Italy and Bulgaria.

The race started from the center of Pirea, passed through continental part of Greece in the areas Atika and Viotia through Evea Island and finished again in Pirea. All competitors were watched with satellite system iTrack for safety and reliability of the results.
With special permission from the organizers, two Bulgarian competitors wit ATV were invited to set a world record for continuous riding of ATV. Todor Hristov and Petar Cenkov started together with jeeps and passed 1000 km. for 24 hours.
Their experience from previous competitions helped them in few critical moments. They lost electricity of navigation and lights of ATV and Hristov ride his machine “on blind” in remaining 20 kilometers to the service area. The problem is fixed and in next few hours everything goes well. Last four hours are critical, when 80 kilometers special stage passes through the stony mountains of Evea Island with many precipices and narrow paths.
Strong hits in the stones hurt their hands, but with reduced speed and great effort they passed this ordeal.

After a successful final and set world record, Hristov and Cenkov received special congratulations from the organizers and respect of all competitors


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