Regulations SAMOKOV 2014



“X-Cross SAMOKOV 4x4 ‘’ 2014 is a competition for two – wheel (motorcycles ) and four- wheel vehicle machines (ATV and QUAD) held in the off- ground and woodland near town of SAMOKOV. ORGANIZER is sports club " Club 4x4 Adventure " Troyan and " OFROAD SAMOKOV ".
The race is the first round of BG X-ENURO CHAMPIONSHIP.

‘’X-Cross Samokov 4x4 ‘’ 2014 is governed by present regulation and by all decisions of the Refereeing Commission , in force at the time of the race.

X-Cross Samokov 4x4 ’’ 2014 is held by GPS navigation , closed trace marked with markers and tapes , on the closed track the movement takes place between bands !
The track has artificial and natural obstacles , the goal is passing them in the shortest time.
On the first competition day the movement is in wooded and field areas , the orientation is by GPS track and markers.


All should fill up application form and declaration electronically and on arrival sign handwritten the documents.
All participants must have a valid insurance "Accident athletes" for the days of the race.
The organizer will provide insurer in place for participants without insurance, payment will be on spot.
Participants under 18 years of age should present together with the abovementioned documents an original notarized consent from both parents to participate in the competition.

Entry Fee - 50 BGN (25 euro) for all participants.
Category Junior (until 14 years old) and Mini Junior (until 10 years old) free entry.

The fee includes : competition rights, medical insurance during the race, time keeping with transponders.

The participation fee should be paid by bank transfer within 10 days before the race.
Participants paying the fee later than 10 days before the date of the relevant event , should pay the fee at a double rate.
In his application each competitor indicates the number and the names of the mechanics who have access to the pit-stop area .
Mechanics ,who are not announced in advance, will not receive access to the pit-stop area .

Approved shall be an application with all needed documents (application and declaration) , as well as confirmation of payment.


Racing machines are divided into several classes depending on the unit operation and cubic capacity ..

∙ EXPERT - without limit in cubic capacity.
∙ ADVENTURE (HOBBY) - without limit in cubic capacity.
∙ OLD STARS (SENIOR 45+) - without limit in cubic capacity.

∙ Class ATV/QUAD EXPERT- machine 4x4 or 4x2 without limitation of cubic capacity.
∙ Class ATV/QUAD EXPERT- machine 4x4 or 4x2 without limitation of cubic capacity.
∙ Class "Adventure" - beginners , without limitation of cubic capacity and operation .
∙ Class "Mini Junior" - children under 10 years of age.

In both categories are broadcasted the top three in the overall standings - OVERALL!


X-Cross Samokov 4x4 2014 is a competition taking place in two days.
The ranking is individual as the shortest time for the whole distance on the first day and a specified number of laps on the second day will determine the winner in the class . The ranking is for the two days.
The big winner in the race is broadcasted after the sum of the times for the two days of the competition. If there are less than three competitors in any of the classes , no points will be awarded and no reward is given .


The review will be required before the start of each of the series in the two days. Competitors must be equipped with helmets (CrossHelmet), shoulders , elbows and back protectors, enduro or motocross boots, gloves and glasses, Garmin GPS.
The lack of a piece of the equipment leads to NOT starting of the competitor !
Each participant may enter the race with only one machine for the specific race !
Start with another machine is allowed if the results achieved so far are annulated !


In the PADDOCK the participants are set up with their mechanics and assistance, caravans, campers and tents. ONLY in the PADDOCK is done the repairing of the machines !
ORGANIZER provides in the PADDOCK catering , security , lighting and chemical toilets .
The movement of the racing machines under their own power in the PADDOCK is Forbidden ! The movement is done by thrusting !

VII. The Preliminary ZONE / Waiting area

All participants are required to put their machines in the Preliminary Zone 30 minutes before the scheduled time to start, the machines must be with stopped engines . Exiting of the Pre -ZONE becomes after the explicit call from a judge. Throughout the whole race is prohibited the free movement of machines outside the designated routes and schedules. Failure to comply with movement rules and regulations lead to disqualification of the participant.


After the final of the series participants should wait in Parc Fermé until the finish of all the competitors in the series.
Exiting of the park becomes after the explicit permission of the judge.

IX. Format of the competition

On the first day participants compete in forest areas with a length between 60-80 km. the movement is performed by GPS, and / or markers.
On the second day participants compete in forest areas with a length between 30-40 km. the movement is performed by GPS, and / or markers. According to the weather conditions for class "Expert " the organizer can add a second lap.
Mass starts in all three days.
On the first day the starting grid is determined by the order of registration, and in the second and third by results from the previous day!
For each round according to the track and weather conditions the ORGANIZER determines the number of laps .
For class "Mini Junior" route is simplified and shortened and is only on closed track and for Class "Adventure" ( Beginners ) the number of rounds is reduced.


The track in the first and second day is in woodlands , ravines , natural and artificial obstacles, length is between 60-80 km.
The race track for the second day represents Offroad Polygon with length between 1 and 2 km and includes speed sections, artificial obstacles , ramp jumps, kickers , driving in forest areas , long bends and opportunities for overtaking.
Driving route is between bands . In the route will be located controls to confirm the passage of the competitor !
For class Moto will be built specific X-track route with tires, logs and stones, as well as driving through artificial and natural obstacles.


1. Exit from the bands aiming at shortening the distance and favourableness is penalized with 2 hours. A competitor who has left for one reason or another is obliged to return on the route from the place from which he left . Failure to follow this rule leads to disqualification.
2 . Not passing and abscence of control are punished with 1 (one) hour added time to the time of the competitor.
3 . Participant without final of the stage – 2 hours + the time of the last finished participant.
4. Participant without GPS track – 4 hours _ the time of the last finished participant.
4 . Rough and unsportsmanlike behavior during the competition towards participants , judges, and organizers shall be punished with disqualification.


During the whole race on disposal are licensed judges and timekeepers . Chronology of participants is done with transponders,photocells and trackers . During the registration each player gives a deposit of 100 BGN for received transponder or ID card. The money/ ID card is given back at the end of the race when the transponder is returned.


Technical assistance and refueling of machine is allowed in the designated area - pit-stop area in the closed route or service area in the first two days.The time of the contestant during refueling and technical assistance is not stopped in the closed route , in the service area in the forest will be determined a specific time to use the zone and time is stopped . Each competitor is entitled to no more than TWO mechanics in the area of the pit-stop. Exiting the pit-stop zone is allowed ONLY after signal from the judge ..

XIV. RACE Headquarters

The headquarters of the event is available for registration , briefings , announcing the results.


The ORGANIZER is not responsible for accommodation of participants but will help those who need information about the hotels in the area and accommodation of persons accompanying them. If participants and teams are willing to camp there will be a place with security and lighting in the paddock !
There will be chemical toilets , catering and car wash for the racing machines.


The top three in each class will be awarded with trophy cups.
For each round, the organizer may provide additional prizes.


All journalists should have explicit accreditation for the days of the event by the ORGANIZER.
Accredited journalists will have distinctive vests and badges , their accreditation will include access to all areas , access to the track for reportages, participation in cocktail and award ceremony.


ORGANIZER provides the participants with race shirt for the specific round with logo of the race and sponsors . Contestants are exempted from starting without this shirt after the ORGANIZER`s explicit consent and pay double fee.

X-CROSS Sponsors

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